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RT-T334D Dental Rotor Reparing Tool Kit
Item ID #RT-T334D
Dental Bearing Remover
Dental Bearing Presserx

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Dental Rotor Reparing Tool Kit

Model: RT-T334D

Bearing Remover + Bearing Presser
The set of tool kit are made for dental rotors repairing.
Including different chucks for removing bearings from diferent dental turbines.

Different chucks for different bearings or rotors:
Chuck 1: Φ4.25mm, for bearing inner ring
Chuck 2: Φ6.40mm, for most of the turbine bearings
Chuck 3: Φ7.00mm, for Pana Max front bearing with cover
Chuck4: Φ8.25mm, for Bien Air Bora bearings, Pana Air S Cartridge
Chuck 5: Φ8.80mm, for Pana Max 2 SU03 cartridge
Chuck 6: Φ9.60mm, for M500 L, MU03 cartridges
Chuck 7: Φ10.60mm, for M600 L/M900 L, SU03 cartridges
Chuck 8: Φ11.30mm, for NSK TU03 Cartridges

Note: The models are just for reference, the chucks can fit any NSK cartridge which are the similar sizes!

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